The Park at Franklin is Southfield’s premier independent, assisted living & memory care community. Read below to learn why the Park at Franklin is the perfect community for you or your loved ones.

My name is Wanda Carter.  My mother, Sadie Guinn, has been a resident at Park at Franklin since October of 2016.  Norilee was the representative who introduced me to the property.  I visited several other properties prior to choosing Park at Franklin.  No other marketing personnel was as informative and as knowledgeable as Norilee.   The feeling of comfort is what made me choose Park at Franklin for my mother.

At that time, my mother was in the earlier stages of dementia and resided in independent living.  That changed two months ago when she fell.  She went from being ambulatory to wheelchair-bound and her cognitive state deteriorated drastically.  After 6 weeks in rehab, I thought she could return to her apartment with care throughout the day.  Within days, I found out that I was incorrect.  I went into panic mode after my mother fell out of her bed at night.  I knew then that I had to move her.  The first person I thought to call was Norilee.

Norilee returned my call as soon as she heard my frantic message.  She let me know with whom I would need to speak.  Even though it was not her responsibility, she gave me a great deal of information so that I could be prepared to move my mother internally.

I believe that Norilee’s compassion and understanding is because she has been through the long, sad journey of dementia with her mother as well.  I appreciate her sharing her story with me.  Unfortunately, it’s the same story with a different person.  I also appreciate that whenever I see Norilee in the hallways, we are greeted by name, with a smile.  It’s amazing how much the little things mean when you are going through life’s transitions.

My mother is now in memory care at the Gardens within Park at Franklin.  I am at peace that she is safe and being cared for when I am not there.

I apologize for the length of this.  However, I feel that, in this day of so much negativity, it is necessary to share positive experiences whenever possible, especially when good comes from bad.


Wanda Carter

Review by Wanda Carter

"My son moved here recently and things are wonderful. He was in the independent side intentionally but he wasn’t getting the attention he needed. He has since moved to assisted living and things are going very well. He is getting individualized care now. They seem to have everything here. If you need something they can accommodate you. I see an inch of improvement in him every time I visit. I also like that the surroundings are so pretty. They have nice big windows in all the rooms and that’s important for those who are bedridden because they can watch the birds and see the outdoors. We chose The Park at Franklin because we had a friend from church we used to visit and she would walk us around the building. It was always nice to see the residents out and about in their street clothes. All the staff I met when visiting was very nice and we thought it would be a good place for my son."


"Very warm and welcoming place. They emphasized an “open 24-hours” kind of philosophy. Although seemingly well maintained, the place showed some age and wear and tear. Far and away the most outstanding feature was the vibrant and energetic staff that we met, including Director of the AL Unit and Director of Admissions who gave us our tour. They really put us at ease with their directness and explaining their philosophy of senior care, including the importance of individual dignity, etc. Also, here we saw lots of different groups interacting in different spaces–around the piano, in the lobby doing a Christmas word game, and in the library."

Review by Southfield, MI Visitor

"I would [give] this community the highest ratings. I'm very pleased with my mother’s move to this community. They are taking very good care of her, and her needs. She is doing very well since her move here. The staff is great, they are very attentive, and helpful. They have accommodated many of our needs. This is a community I would recommend, it has worked out well for us."

Review by Southfield, MI Family

"Fountains was in my top choices. Very pretty and clean, the staff warm and friendly, residents out and about and happy. [Removed] gave a comprehensive tour. I would definitely recommend this facility."

Review by Southfield, MI Visitor

"The Fountains was our first tour and really made us aware of the positive aspects of living in a senior environment. The apartments were nice and conveniently located in one area of the building. The activities are many plus you can stay active with your current activities. I especially like the fact that you can choose to stay there with or without services. To me this would give one time to adjust to a different life style. [Removed] was congenial and informative."

Review by Southfield, MI Visitor

"My sister loves being here, she has set up her room with all new furniture and feels right at home. There is so much for the residents to do here and my sister has already started doing some of the different activities they offer. She likes going to the dining room and visiting with the other residents and she really likes the food and being waited on. I would definitely recommend setting up a tour here to see the community and what they have to offer."

Review by Southfield, MI Family

"My friend seems to like the staff at Park at Franklin. She is happy with the food and she is starting to get involved in some of the activities. They keep the community well taken care of. The community is close to family and friends and I would recommend it."

Review by Anonymous